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How it all started

The story of App4mation starts with the foundation of sister-company Plat4mation back in 2013. Three friends and former colleagues – Elmer, Roel and Bas – joined forces and decided to do things differently. They quitted their jobs and started Plat4mation.

Why ServiceNow?

From the very beginning, the founders decided to become implementation partner of ServiceNow. For a reason, because they knew the platform was powerful and was going to be a huge success due to its capabilities. And that’s exactly what happened. Today, ServiceNow has grown into a big and established player with their innovative platform for work. A platform that originated from a strong belief in the power of technology to reduce the complexity in our jobs. Modern digital workflows make work, work better for people.

App4mation Modern digital workflow
Driving customer success

Plat4mation set out with only one goal – driving customer success. Their best practice approach, focused on achieving more with less through knowledge sharing and educating employees to true specialists, brought them success. But they couldn’t have done it without the unbridled energy and passion of its people. They are not afraid to say no, if that what it takes to guide customers in the right direction. And no matter what happens, they deliver on agreements. They always go the extra mile to put a smile on the customer’s face.

Innovation – part of our DNA

Due to the configurability of the ServiceNow platform, you can basically build any kind of application on it. And that’s exactly what Plat4mation did! From the start, they started to experiment and build their own solutions. They innovated. A dedicated application development team developed several award-winning Now Certified applications. But over time, it became clear that the development team needed to regain focus in order to safeguard innovation. That’s when App4mation was born.

App4mation Award-winning serviceNow Application
Revolutionizing the workspace

App4mation set out to revolutionize the workspace in both industrial and office settings with innovative applications. Where Plat4mation focuses on delivering implementation, advisory and strategic services for the ServiceNow platform, we focus entirely on the development and maintenance of custom applications built on the ServiceNow platform. So far, this has resulted in our flagship products 4Industry and 4Facility. But our job does not end there! We are constantly exploring the platform’s boundaries and regularly organize hackathons to achieve new product innovations.

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